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Hyundai Veloster: To connect using the phone settings - Audio system - Features of your vehicle - Hyundai Veloster 2010-2019 Owner's ManualHyundai Veloster: To connect using the phone settings

Your phone's Bluetooth feature may be set to off by default. To use the Bluetooth feature, Bluetooth must be turned on in your phone. Refer to your phone's user guide.

1. Enable the phone's Bluetooth component. This might be in a menu called Settings, Bluetooth, Connections, or Hands-free.

2. Press [[External device authorization].] > Touch [Bluetooth] > [External device authorization].

If you want to cancel, touch [Cancel].

If you want to cancel, touch [Cancel].

3. Initiate a search for Bluetooth devices. These settings might be located in a menu called Bluetooth, Connections, or Hands-free.

4. Select the your device from the list of phone.

5. Input the passkey (Default: 0000) showed on the screen in your phone when the pop-up screen is displayed on the screen. When it is successfully connected, the [Bluetooth] screen appears on the screen. When it is successfully connected, the [Bluetooth] screen appears on the screen.



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