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Hyundai Veloster: Specifications - AVN System - Body Electrical SystemHyundai Veloster: Specifications


Power source
DC 14.4V (-) ground
Frequency range
FM : 87.5 ~ 107.9 MHz / 200 kHz
AM : 530 ~ 1710 kHz / 10 kHz
Tuning type
80 pF 75 Ohm
Dark current
MAX 4mA (Head unit only)
FM : MIN 50 dB
AM : MIN 40 dB

Display System
Input signal
Digital RGB
7 inch

AVN System

Components and Components Location
Components Location 1. AVN (A/V & Navigation head unit) 2. Midrange speaker 3. External amplifier 4. Glass antenna amplifier (Radio) 5. Front door speaker 6. Rea ...

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