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Hyundai Veloster: Repair procedures - Manual Transaxle System - Manual Transaxle System (M6CF1)Hyundai Veloster: Repair procedures


Manual Transaxle Oil Inspection
Park the vehicle on a level ground and stop the engine.
Retighten the oil filler plug (A) with a new washer.

Check level with finger.
Oil level must be up to fill the hole, if not, add oil until it runs over.

Install the filler plug with a new gasket.

Tightening torque:
58.9 ~ 78.5 N.m (6.0 ~ 8.0 kgf.m, 43.4 ~ 57.8 lb-ft)

Manual Transaxle Oil Replacement
Park the vehicle on a level ground and stop the engine.
Drain the manual transaxle oil after loosening the drain plug (A).

Intall the drain plug with a new gasket

Tightening torque:
58.9 ~ 78.5 N.m (6.0 ~ 8.0 kgf.m, 43.4 ~ 57.9 lb-ft)

Add new oil through the filler plug hole and, fill it just below the plug opening.

Standard oil: SAE 75W/85, API GL-4
Oil capacity: 1.8 ~ 1.9L (0.48 ~ 0.50, 1.90 ~ 2.01 U.S. qt., 1.58 ~ 1.67 lmp qt.)

Manual Transaxle System

Manual Transaxle. Components and Components Location
Components 1. Transaxle support bracket 2. Control shaft complete 3. Back up lamp switch 4. Speedmeter ...

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