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Hyundai Veloster: Rear Glass Defogger Switch. Repair procedures - Rear Glass Defogger - Body Electrical System - Hyundai Veloster 2010-2019 Service ManualHyundai Veloster: Rear Glass Defogger Switch. Repair procedures


The rear glass defogger switch inputs can be checked using the GDS.
To check the input value of rear glass defogger switch, select option "Body Control Module".
To consult the present input/output value of BCM, "Current DATA". It provides information of BCM input/output conditions of smart junction box.

To check the input value of rear glass defogger switch in force mode, select option "Actuation Test of smart junction box".


Disconnect the negative(-) battery terminal.
Remove the center fascia panel assembly (A).
(Refer to the Body group - "Crash pad")

Remove the center fascia panel connector (A).

Remove the heater and air corditioner controller (A), after loosening the screw (4EA).


Install the heater and air conditioner controller to the center fascia panel.
Install the center fascia panel assembly.

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