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Do not adjust the clock while driving. You may lose your steering control and cause severe personal injury or accidents.

Type A

This allows you to set the time format and the clock.

• Time format: Change the time format between the “12h” and “24h”.
• Setting the clock
- Press ▲ or ▼ on the left side of the clock to set the hour.
- Press ▲ or ▼ on the right side of the clock to set the minute.
- If you set the [Time format] to [12h], set the [am] or [pm].

Type B

This allows you to set the time format and the summer time.

• Time format: Change the time format between the “12h” and “24h”.
• Summer time: Set the summer time between the “On” and “Off”. The unit sets the clock automatically by detecting the summer time whether it is the summer time season or not. Even though the summer time is set to "On", the unit sets the clock to normal time (not +1 hour) when it's not summer time season.

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